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Psychological Thriller

Logline: A schizophrenic man responsible for the death of a family develops a relationship with the only survivor while trying to maintain his sanity.

Story: After a quarter century of incarceration in a mental institution for multiple homicide, Lloyd Wilson seeks out Anna Townsend (26) -- the lone survivor of the fateful night in which all but one member of a family were brutally murdered. Moving into Anna's neighborhood, he connects with the young woman and a surprising relationship develops between the two, even as Lloyd struggles to maintain his sanity and keep his past a secret. Only time will tell if Lloyd’s true intention is to beg forgiveness or to finish the dark deed he began so many years ago.

About: Co-written by prominent criminal psychiatrist Dr. Barry Mills, this story accurately portrays the decent into paranoid schizophrenia. Steeped with strong characters and abundant plot twists, Dark Heart will appeal to fans of suspense and psychological thrillers along with emotionally driven character dramas.

Writer: Jon Keeyes & Barry Mills
Director: Jon Keeyes


Crime Thriller, Drama

Logline: A Mexican woman crosses the US border seeking money for her dying father's operation and discovers her path back home blocked by the deadly Mendez drug cartel.

Story: Ana Ramirez is a child barren poor woman living in Mexico. Desperate to secure money for her father's life-saving operation, she agrees to accompany Ciro across the US border to deliver a "package." At a Texas motel, Ana meets Michael, a lonely orphaned boy hungry for her attention. Spiraling into desperation to return to her sick father, all of Ana's attempts to return are foiled by Michael, who steals her resources in an effort to survive, leaving her at odds with the boy. Despite an English-Spanish language barrier, it is only when Ana and Michael join forces do they realize how much they need each other. The stakes are then raised when Ciro, Ana and Michael find themselves in the deadly path of Domingo and his dangerous drug cartel's search for the stolen TESORO diamond. Will Ana make it back to Mexico alive?

About: In the style of Slumdog Millionaire, Tesoro is an action packed crime thriller intermingled with the heartfelt themes of love and family. Dealing with a smuggled diamond, the poverty and wealth of a Mexican bordertown and the conflicts inherent within family, TESORO puts the concept of “blood is thicker than water” to the test. Capitalizing on the popularity of gritty gangster movies while tapping into the enormous bilingual speaking Hispanic audience, Tesoro is poised to be as popular as El Mariachi, Desperado and Steven Soderbergh's Traffic.

Writer: Sandy Baumann
Director: Jon Keeyes

Thriller, Drama

Logline: After a car wreck closes a highway, six travelers find themselves at a mystical café. As each begins to divulge their past, it becomes apparent that they are living in parallel realities, their lives mysteriously interwoven, each uncertain if they are alive or dead.

Story: Love and redemption becomes the focal point of six people flung together by fate at an isolated and mystical café in the middle of the nowhere. Learning about each other, time begins splintering - creating multiple futures that begin intersecting with each other. Hurdling toward a dangerous climax, each person must face their own secrets and fears as they are led down a path to their last chance at redemption.

About: In the style of surreal dramatic thrillers, Last Chance Café is a character-driven tale exploring the belief in alternate realities and how one decision can change the future.

Writers: Darlenne Susan Girard & Jon Keeyes
Director: Jon Keeyes


Logline: A mysterious young man with mystical powers sets out to confront and destroy an evil global conglomerate run by satanic forces.

Story: An entity known only as �The Stranger� and believed to be the �Second Coming� by those around him is hunted by minions of an evil corporate conglomerate. With the help of a down-on-her-luck reporter and her mysterious daughter he sets out to destroy them. With time running out, he has to face the ultimate evil in a terrifying quest to save mankind.

About: HE LIVES is dark, mysterious, and full of vivid, full-rounded characters. Emotionally charged, but never overly sentimental, with a plot that will keep the audience guessing right until the end HE LIVES! delivers a top notch thriller in the best tradition of The Bourne Identity and Starman.

Writer: Carl Kirshner


Thriller, Crime Drama

Logline: A middle class wife battles for her life when she is lured into the seedy underworld of drugs and live sex shows.

Story: Amanda was an ordinary middle class wife and career college student who always played it safe. Her life takes a drastic change when she meets the dangerous and charismatic Cara. Manipulated through the promise of excitement, Amanda is sucked into Cara’s world – one filled with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. As their relationship grows beyond friendship, Amanda becomes addicted to crystal meth and finds herself sinking further into Cara’s underworld; eventually performing in live sex shows to feed her habit. With her marriage nearly destroyed and her addiction to both Cara and the drugs growing, Amanda’s life becomes endangered by the seediest underbelly of America.

About: Amanda and Cara is a fatalistic view of drug addiction and the price a person will pay to continue getting their fix. Hard, edgy, sexy and gritty, Amanda and Cara is a provocative thriller in the style of “21 Grams” and “Requiem for a Dream” that can only end in disaster.

Writers: Jon Keeyes & Charles Burnley
Director: Jon Keeyes

Apocalyptic Musical

Logline: At The Straylite Cabaret & Cafe, song and dance performers deal with their own mortality on the last night of the end of the world.

Story: It’s New Year’s Eve and the world waits to see if the unspeakable will happen – Nuclear War. Inside The Straylite, the performers’ battle with fear, regret, love and lust – mirrored in plentiful song and dance routines – while trying to make this final show the best they’ve ever given. And when the news finally comes and the bombs are in the air, the slogan “the show must go on” takes on a whole new meaning.

About: The Straylite is wickedly macabre and delightfully energetic, giving a whole new meaning to “apocalyptic musical.” Structured like most successful musicals, The Straylite holds a fantastical vision of the end of the world while balanced between introspective drama and fun-filled song and dance routines.

Writer: Darlenne Susan Girard & Jon Keeyes
Lyrics: Bart D. Van Bemmel
Director: Jon Keeyes

Supernatural Thriller

Logline: Following a car accident, a pregnant woman begins dreaming of two men that urge her to kill her unborn child. When the men begin to appear more frequently, her sleep becomes filled with apocalyptic nightmares and she finds herself losing her sanity as reality and her dream world become intermingled. Struggling for answers - and running from the all-too-real visions of the men and her son- she is led down a terrifying path toward the ultimate decision as to the fate of her child.

About: Dreaming the Dark taps into the fear of nightmares and the terror that the sleeping world can bring. With well-developed characters and a plot that blurs the edges of reality and keeps the audience guessing, Dreaming the Dark falls in with films like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Seventh Sign” while forcing the audience to deal with their own fear of nightmares and the everlasting question, "what is reality?".

Writer/Director: Jon Keeyes

Thriller, Drama

Logline: Following the death of her son, a dramatic and emotional story of mental illness unfolds as the mother has a breakdown and murders her family.

Story: An ordinary middle-class woman suffers a tragedy when her 7-year-old son dies from diabetes. Following his death, the boy’s mother, Angela, spirals out of control as she suffers a mental and emotional breakdown. Her postpartum psychosis carries her through attempted suicide, a psychiatric stay and the eventual murder of her family.

About: Told out of sequence, over three inter-cutting periods of time, Angela’s Body is an emotionally driven, brutally realistic portrayal of one woman’s journey through a psychotic breakdown. Angela’s Body has been designed to take advantage of the film festival trend of honoring and recognizing gritty, edgy dramas.

Writer/Director: Jon Keeyes


Erotic Thriller, Supernatural

Logline: Two women have a sordid affair that uncovers a terrifying secret.

Story: As ten-year-old girls, Michelle and Anne made a pact to be best friends forever… no matter what. But time took them from each other and now, fifteen years later, they have found each other living in the big city. Getting to know each other anew, Anne coerces Michelle into an affair that brings turmoil into Michelle’s already rocky life. But then a series of bizarre events begin to unfold that lead Michelle down a terrifying path to the truth about her girlfriend’s past.

About: Girlfriends is first and foremost a character-building exploration of love and loss as told through the eyes of two childhood friends. However, Girlfriends is also an erotic thriller told intelligently and artfully in the style of Adrian Lynne and Ken Russell.

Writer: Darlenne Susan Girard
Director: Jon Keeyes