Co-Founder | Producer

Richard T. Carey

Co-Founder of Highland Myst Entertainment, Richard produced American Nightmare with Jon Keeyes. Released direct to video in 2001, American Nightmare was widely acclaimed by horror film critics. Since 2001, American Nightmare continues to be sold and shown on DVD, Pay-Per-View and television around the world.

In 2002, Richard produced Suburban Nightmare followed by Hallow’s End in 2003 (released in 2004 and 2003 respectively). Both films were well received by the horror film community and can be found on video and retail shelves throughout the world.

Richard has also been successful in several entrepreneurial endeavors including marketing, sales, web development and engineering and holds one registered patent.

Having worked in nearly all areas of production for commercial and industrial film projects, Richard’s experience includes: producing, directing, editing, voice-acting and technical effects. Richard brings together a versatile skill set with a penchant for producing, and an attention to detail and foresight that helps ensure as smooth a production as possible.