Head of UK Operations

Carl Kirshner
Head of UK Operations

Carl began his career in the 80’s as an actor after graduating from drama school under the patronage of Peter O Toole and Maggie Smith and went on to appear in theatrical productions, including several West End musicals and Got Milk TV commercials. He then began screenwriting in the late 90’s and optioned his first script to an established Hollywood producer which led to Carl developing many scripts with various production companies in the UK and the US.

He officially joined Highland Myst Entertainment in 2009. Their first overseas production, which he produced and co-write with Jon Keeyes, was the multi-award winning Nightmare Box, which is due for worldwide release in 2017.

As Head of UK Operations, Carl is currently developing and producing several movies for the company’s slate, including The Hunt, Sharon and Roman, The Final Curtain, Dark Heart, Crimson Romance, He Lives and The Gathering with Simon Pegg. He also co-produced The Harrowing with Michael Ironside and Arnold Vosloo and is currently under assignment to co-write and produce a big budget, dark thriller, that is set to become his first studio movie.