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Horror, Thriller

Logline: Accused of the ritualistic murder of his best friend, a vice detective bent on finding the truth is plunged into Hell when he goes undercover into a forensic hospital and discovers that demons are real.

Story: On a routine surveillance operation, things go horribly wrong when a prostitute, a congressman and two vice detectives are slaughtered with a third detective, Calhoun, accused of their murders. Plagued by the death of his partner and the terrifying visions of demons hunting him, Calhoun goes undercover into a forensic hospital where he discovers secret experiments being done on patients and all-too-real demons terrorizing him. Slipping further and further away from reality, Calhoun must discover if he�s insane or if demons really exist.

About: The Harrowing is a tense, atmospheric and terrorizing story that rides the line between sanity and insanity. Filled with a strong personal journey of redemption intermingled with horrifying creature feature sequences, The Harrowing is a mind-bending horror film in the tradition of Jacob�s Ladder, Shutter Island and Angel Heart.

Writer/Director: Jon Keeyes


Supernatural Thriller, Horror

Logline: Leaving behind the misery of the post-Civil War south, a couple�s new life on the Texas prairie takes a dark turn when isolation, paranoia and haunting visions reveal the land�s bloody past and a demonic spirit intent on destroying them.

Story: Purchased sight unseen from an eerie old man, Isaac and Marah begin a new life on the lonely Texas Prairie in a log cabin. When Marah gives birth to a baby daughter, Regina, and their new crops fail, Isaac takes a three month job away on the railroad to carry them through the winter and give them a source of income for the falling year. Facing the isolation of the plains and the hardship of new motherhood, Marah is unsure if the dark events that begin to unfold around her are in her mind or from another reality. Nearing insanity, help comes to Marah in the form of an outcast Algonquin, a French Jesuit Missionary and the eventual return of her husband. Together, they all must battle the demonic forces seeking to destroy them and consume the daughter�s soul.

About: Set in the late 1860's,Dark Plain is a period piece with a terrifying twist. In the meditative style of Terrence Malick, steeped in Catholic occultism, and imbued with terrifying supernatural sequences, Dark Plain brings a horrifying new level to the excorcism genre.

Writers: Chuck Huber, Jon Keeyes & Matthew Tompkins
Director: Jon Keeyes


Horror, Thriller

Logline: A female serial killer and the FBI collide in a desperate game to protect the life of a woman in a psychiatric institute with the key to capturing the killer.

Story: Three years earlier, serial killer Jeanne Weber was captured by the FBI after a series of brutal murders. Now, Jeanne has escaped the mental institution holding her. In order to recapture her, the FBI has set a trap using a psychiatric patient named Natalie as their bait. Jeanne surfaces, issuing a stern proposal to the authorities: tell her why she kills and she’ll surrender. In a race against time, as the body count rises, Jeanne and the FBI play a deadly game of cat and mouse. As the night nears its end, Jeanne’s true intention comes to light. The FBI realizes their bait may have been Jeanne’s target all along.

About: Bringing back together director Jon Keeyes and actress Debbie Rochon of “American Nightmare” fame, Lady Misery is a disturbing look at the mind of a psychotic killer fraught with hallucinations in a mind-bending and fast-paced thrill ride that mixes the best of serial killer horror and psychological thrillers.

Writers: Jon Keeyes & Debbie Rochon
Director: Jon Keeyes

Horror, Action

Logline: An eclectic group of guests staying in the desolate hill country of Texas are in for a night of terror when an outlaw-style gang of vampire-like creatures overruns their hotel.

Story: A mismatched group of tourists find themselves being terrorized by The Bloodwalkers – an outlaw-style gang of vampire-like creatures intent on killing everyone in the hotel. With dawn approaching, and the body count rising, the few survives will face the greatest battle of their life.

About: In the tradition of “Near Dark” and “From Dusk till Dawn,” The Bloodwalkers is a fast paced, violent and terrifying adventure. Based upon a German legend, these creatures can shadow-walk, control the dead and see through each other’s eyes. Including dress, music and production design founded in Texas Outlaw motif, The Bloodwalkers is an exciting twist on the vampire legend.

Writers: Jon Keeyes & Brandon Baker
Director: Jon Keeyes

Horror, Action

Logline: An assassin must unravel the mystery surrounding her true identity as she battles a horde of demons intent on destroying the barrier between Hell and Earth.

Story: On the night of her last contract kill, an assassin named Calli has her reality shattered when she discovers she is mysteriously tied to an ancient book being used to conjure demons. Coerced into working with the Hellfire Club, Calli’s team is ambushed and massacred by Berith, one of Hell’s most powerful demons. Unable to flee the grasp of The Hellfire Club, Calli is forced to lead a mismatched group of reluctant heroes. Fight after fight with hell’s spawn, Calli must unravel the mystery about her own identity and stop Berith before he destroys the barrier between Hell and Earth.

About: Part “La Femme Nikita,” part “Lara Croft,” part “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” The Hellfire Club is a highly stylized action and horror film. Promising an incredible visual look, unique costuming and a fantastical take on thrillers, The Hellfire Club has all the elements to make it a franchisable horror/action film with long lasting cult appeal.

Director/Writer: Jon Keeyes


Horror, Anthology

Logline: The Devil gathers four of history’s greatest horror writers to share their scariest stories on Halloween.

Story: It’s All Hallow’s Eve in purgatory and the Devil has gathered Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft and Mary Shelley for a night of storytelling; the winner receiving whatever they desire. Between snide remarks and bickering rivalries, each takes a turn unveiling their tales that include vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, serial killers, and mad scientists.

About: The Gathering follows the successful anthology format with the Devil and the horror authors rounding out the framework. All popular with enormous cult followings, this modern take on the personalities and quirks of these literary legends is often hysterical and genuinely macabre. Contained within the inner stories are unique and original tales that will appeal to the broad mass of horror enthusiasts.

Writer: Carl Kirshner
Director: Jon Keeyes

Horror, Supernatural Thriller

Logline: The line between a woman’s waking world and dream world are blurred when she begins having nightmares of the apocalypse.

Story: Following a car accident, a pregnant woman begins dreaming of two men that urge her to kill her unborn child. As the men begin to appear more frequently, her sleep becomes filled with apocalyptic nightmares and she finds herself loosing her sanity - reality and her dream world become intermingled. Struggling for answers - and running from the all-too-real visions of the men and her son- she is led down a terrifying path toward the ultimate decision as to the fate of her child.

About: Dreaming the Dark taps into the fear of nightmares and the terror that the sleeping world can bring. With well-developed characters and a plot that blurs the edges of reality and keeps the audience guessing, Dreaming the Dark falls in with films like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Seventh Sign” while forcing the audience to deal with their own fear of nightmares and the everlasting question, "what is reality?".

Writer/Director: Jon Keeyes


Sci-Fi Horror

Logline: A research scientist unlocks the mystery of genetic memory and unleashes a horrible fate upon mankind.

Story: Struggling with the death of his brother, a graduate research scientist is about to break the code for genetic memory that will provide unbelievable cures for people with mental illness. But when his funding falls through, an enigmatic European doctor steps in to ensure the research continues. As they move into human experimentation, they unlock the mysteries of memory and discover a much older race than mankind living within our DNA. With the genetic door open, the patients begin to revert back to their primordial selves; vicious monsters with an extraterrestrial past.

About: Vast is a science fiction story in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft. Using modern medicine and genetic research, combined with horrifying monsters and extraterrestrial mythology, Vast will be a winner for fans of the “Re-Animator” series, “From Beyond” and all the great sci-horror films inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

Writer: Clay Liford
Director: Jon Keeyes


Horror, Action

Logline: A ragtag group of survivors of a mysterious epidemic struggle to maintain their daily lives while dealing with their neighbors who have turned their sleepy Texas town into a land of the walking dead.

Story: Travis, the Sheriff of a small Texas town, is doing his best to maintain order after zombies have obliterated the local citizenry. Those who remain meet daily at the Los Cinco Santos diner for coffee and food to see who is still alive and who has been 'put down'. With inner strife amongst the survivors, old rivalries raised anew, and passions heated, sometimes the citizens are more trouble that the zombies. Unfortunately for them, they don't realize this is the last 24 hours of their lives.

About: Drawing on the continued success of the zombie genre, Surviving Them is a fast paced, action filled, sometimes funny and always horrifying genre thriller ripe with crisp dialogue, perverse characters and good ole' Texas horror grit.

Writer: Charles Burnley & Terry Yates
Director: Jon Keeyes