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Dramatic Thriller

Logline: Following the death of her son, a dramatic and emotional story of mental illness unfolds as the mother has a breakdown and murders her family.

Story: An ordinary middle-class woman suffers a tragedy when her 7-year-old son dies from diabetes. Following his death, the boy’s mother, Angela, spirals out of control as she suffers a mental and emotional breakdown. Her postpartum psychosis carries her through attempted suicide, a psychiatric stay and the eventual murder of her family.

About: Told out of sequence, over three inter-cutting periods of time, Angela’s Body is an emotionally driven, brutally realistic portrayal of one woman’s journey through a psychotic breakdown. Angela’s Body has been designed to take advantage of the film festival trend of honoring and recognizing gritty, edgy dramas.

Writer/Director: Jon Keeyes

Drama, Thriller

Logline: After a car wreck closes a highway, six travelers find themselves at a mystical café. As each begins to divulge their past, it becomes apparent that they are living in parallel realities, their lives mysteriously interwoven, each uncertain if they are alive or dead.

Story: Love and redemption becomes the focal point of six people flung together by fate at an isolated and mystical café in the middle of the nowhere. Learning about each other, time begins splintering - creating multiple futures that begin intersecting with each other. Hurdling toward a dangerous climax, each person must face their own secrets and fears as they are led down a path to their last chance at redemption.

About: In the style of surreal dramatic thrillers, Last Chance Cafe is a character-driven tale exploring the belief in alternate realities and how one decision can change the future.

Writers: Darlenne Susan Girard & Jon Keeyes
Director: Jon Keeyes


Drama, Thriller

Logline: A middle class wife battles for her life when she is lured into the seedy underworld of drugs and live sex shows.

Story: Amanda was an ordinary middle class wife and career college student who always played it safe. Her life takes a drastic change when she meets the dangerous and charismatic Cara. Manipulated through the promise of excitement, Amanda is sucked into Cara’s world – one filled with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. As their relationship grows beyond friendship, Amanda becomes addicted to crystal meth and finds herself sinking further into Cara’s underworld; eventually performing in live sex shows to feed her habit. With her marriage nearly destroyed and her addiction to both Cara and the drugs growing, Amanda’s life becomes endangered by the seediest underbelly of America.

About: Amanda and Cara is a fatalistic view of drug addiction and the price a person will pay to continue getting their fix. Hard, edgy, sexy and gritty, Amanda and Cara is a provocative thriller in the style of “21 Grams” and “Requiem for a Dream” that can only end in disaster.

Writers: Jon Keeyes & Charles Burnley
Director: Jon Keeyes


Logline: A sexually abused gas attendant and a battered teenage bride go searching for the American dream, but only find each other.� Their names were Bonnie and Clyde. This is their incredible untold story.

Story: Starting from the poverty-stricken back streets of Dallas, Texas, right through to their inevitable grisly demise in Arcadia, Louisiana, CRIMSON ROMANCE takes us on a gut wrenching journey that uncovers the untold story of Bonnie and Clyde, from their turbulent teenage years as petty criminals through to their last blood-soaked moments as the most wanted outlaws in America. Forget the fantasy of the 67' version, this is the story like it's NEVER been told before.�Uncompromising, brutal and perversely romantic.

About: After two years of detailed research with some of the world�s leading authorities on the subject we have left no stone unturned in the search for the truth. Now the real story can finally be told in all its blood-stained, unexpurgated glory.

Writer: Carl Kirshner


Boxing Drama

Logline: A young boxer fights his way to the top only to face his father�s killer in the ring

Story: ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER is the powerful story of an underdog immigrant Benny Leonard, who struggles to find the right way in life amongst the grinding poverty and violence he finds himself unable to escape. He is inevitably lead into a life of crime, but when a gangster offers him a chance to escape his dead-end future he grabs the opportunity with both hands and becomes a prizefighter for the syndicate.
But despite his success in the ring, he is unable to escape the clutches of the mob. When a title fight is set up and he has to throw the fight to survive the mob�s wraith Leonard discovers his opponent is actually his father�s killer.
Will he go against the mob, get revenge for his father and go for the title or will he throw the fight to save the woman he loves and the last chance he�ll ever have to be a somebody?

About: In the grand tradition of ROCKY, RAGING BULL and ON THE WATERFRONT comes ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER - a moving underdog story that is packed with heart and soul, and takes us on a heart-pounding, powerhouse journey that you will never forget.

Writer: Carl Kirshner