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Logline: With his overbearing wife’s recent suicide, Civil War fanatic Bill Swisher can’t seem to find reality. So his brother and sister convince him to go on their first ever Swisher Family vacation – only to bring a whole set of problems with them.

Story: Bill, a Civil War fanatic, only had one dream in life: to make it to Gettysburg – the holy grail for wannabee re-enactors. After his overbearing wife’s suicide, Bill’s bi-polar sister Mary and irresponsible brother Lloyd decide they’re taking a family vacation to the great hallmark of the Civil War. But for Bill, getting to Pennsylvania won’t be as easy as it seems when Lloyd shows up with his new girlfriend.

About: With a large serving of comedy spiced with dramatic moments and a hint of action, Swisher delivers all the great elements that made "Little Miss Sunshine," "Juno" and "The Savages" both film festival darlings and theatrical hits. Swisher delivers three uniquely original characters in leading roles with witty dialogue and wonderful moments of character-developing drama while maintaining a high quotient of comedy that is sure to endear audiences and bring a smile amidst the turmoil of family politics.

Writer: Bart D. Van Bemmel & Jason A. Wheeler



Logline: When three emotionally-challenged strangers set out on a road trip to help one of them commit suicide at his parents� house, they accidentally find the family they�ve been searching for -- in each other.

Story: Martin always compared himself to the butterscotch - the last candy in the dish that no one ever seemed to want.� People only eat it when they have to.� That�s Martin, an insecure loser whose parents have derailed his confidence since day one. As a boy he vowed if he wasn�t a success like his dad by the time he turned 35, he would do the world a favor and kill himself � at his parents� house in Austin, alone. Hey, a little pay back never hurt anyone. But as he heads into the final countdown to his 35th birthday � which happens to be on Christmas -- he meets Doug and Charlie, two equally emotionally-challenged misfits, who eagerly push their way into his death march. Martin balks, but Doug makes him an offer: he�ll help Martin plan, and pay for, the funeral of a lifetime if he�ll give him a ride to Austin. Charlie simply says she�s always wanted to go to Austin, quickly realizing that Martin�s lack of experience with women makes him far more vulnerable than he�d like her to believe. Unable to say no, the three of them set off, Martin still grumbling. But along the way to Martin�s family homestead, the bond they inadvertently form has an unexpected consequence � they�re opening up for the first time, and their closely guarded secrets are beginning to emerge. Now, if only they can find a way to actually admit their feelings for each other before Martin does the deed.

About: In the tradition of "Harold & Maude" and "Six Feet Under" Butterscotch is this morbidly charming tale that proves life is truly worth living.

Writer: Bart D. Van Bemmel & Jason A. Wheeler
Director: Jon Keeyes



Logline: Two college freshmen, trapped in their father’s shadows, are forced to become men after their quest to earn their pledge pin from a popular fraternity turns into a night of chaos.

Story: College freshmen Scott and Tobias have spent their lives in the shadows of their fathers: two legendary lady’s men of the Gamma Delta Fraternity. However, there’s one big problem. Scott and Tobias are nothing like their dads. They’re skinny beanpole losers who have tarnished all things that Gamma Delta stands for. Now, during rush week, Scott and Tobias must live up to their father’s expectations as they seek their pledge pins in the same fraternity. But as they face their final test, Scott and Tobias will find themselves facing gangsters, prostitutes, egomaniacal frat house actives and an AWOL frat brother in a night of sheer chaos when they must choose between who they are and who their fathers want them to be.

About: In the tradition of "Superbad," "Pineapple Express" and "Wedding Crashers," Rushed is an outrageous adventure that will appeal to fans of every action-filled dark comedy about people discovering who they really are.

Writer: Bart D. Van Bemmel & Jason A. Wheeler
Director: Jon Keeyes


Action, Comedy

Logline: A spoof on “Charlie’s Angels,” three sexy and dangerous devil chicks are sent to Earth to battle a white slavery ring while discovering their own sense of humanity.

Story: Rested up in Hell, Boswell and “The Boss” discover a white slavery ring on Earth being led by one of Hell’s own minions who escaped their clutches. Boswell sends The Devils Chicks to Earth along with Cabrone, a mask wearing powerhouse of muscle. Arriving on Earth, The Devil Chicks go after the white slavery ring in a tremendous show of guns, bullets, blood, mayhem – and a little of that ole Devil magic. As the stakes are raised, and the body count rises, the Devil Chicks must each deal with their own issues including one of them falling in love with a mortal man (the bane of their existence), one dealing with her love for Cabrone and the third facing a thousand year old vendetta.

About: An action-packed comedic spoof on “Charlie’s Angels,” The Devil Chicks is a fast and furious thriller filled with beautiful women, tremendous gun battles, tongue-in-cheek jokes, hellish violence and a couple of animated-sequences to boot. The Devil Chicks will be the kind of movie embraced by fans of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, along with lovers of the classic Devil Girl artwork.

Writer: Charles Burnley
Director: Jon Keeyes

Supernatural Comedy

Logline: A teenage ghost, out on his first haunt, falls in love with the girl he was sent to scare.

Story: Matthew Flowers is 17 and dead as a doornail. But this doesn�t stop him on his quest to escapes the afterlife and find true love. When he meets a lonely young girl that he was sent to scare he sets out to find a way that can bring the mortal and the immortal together. But with the Spectral Goon Squad hot on his tail and the promise of eternal limbo hanging over him he has to put his soul and destiny on the line to discover if true love really does conquer all.

About: DEAD IN LOVE is a teenage supernatural comedy in vein of GHOST and BACK TO THE FUTURE that will have the teen crowd rooting for our heroes and shedding a tear at this moving yet uplifting story of a dead boy and a mortal girl and their quest to find true love.

Writer: Carl Kirshner
Director: Jon Keeyes