Highland Myst Entertainment


Horror, Action

Logline: An eclectic group of guests staying in the desolate hill country of Texas are in for a night of terror when an outlaw-style gang of vampire-like creatures overruns their hotel.

Story: A mismatched group of tourists find themselves being terrorized by The Bloodwalkers – an outlaw-style gang of vampire-like creatures intent on killing everyone in the hotel. With dawn approaching, and the body count rising, the few survives will face the greatest battle of their life.

About: In the tradition of “Near Dark” and “From Dusk till Dawn,” The Bloodwalkers is a fast paced, violent and terrifying adventure. Based upon a German legend, these creatures can shadow-walk, control the dead and see through each other’s eyes. Including dress, music and production design founded in Texas Outlaw motif, The Bloodwalkers is an exciting twist on the vampire legend.

Writers: Jon Keeyes & Brandon Baker
Director: Jon Keeyes


Horror, Action

Logline: An assassin must unravel the mystery surrounding her true identity as she battles a horde of demons intent on destroying the barrier between Hell and Earth.

Story: On the night of her last contract kill, an assassin named Calli has her reality shattered when she discovers she is mysteriously tied to an ancient book being used to conjure demons. Coerced into working with the Hellfire Club, Calli’s team is ambushed and massacred by Berith, one of Hell’s most powerful demons. Unable to flee the grasp of The Hellfire Club, Calli is forced to lead a mismatched group of reluctant heroes. Fight after fight with hell’s spawn, Calli must unravel the mystery about her own identity and stop Berith before he destroys the barrier between Hell and Earth.

About: Part “La Femme Nikita,” part “Lara Croft,” part “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” The Hellfire Club is a highly stylized action and horror film. Promising an incredible visual look, unique costuming and a fantastical take on thrillers, The Hellfire Club has all the elements to make it a franchisable horror/action film with long lasting cult appeal.

Director/Writer: Jon Keeyes

Crime Thriller, Drama

Logline: A Mexican woman crosses the US border seeking money for her dying father's operation and discovers her path back home blocked by the deadly Mendez drug cartel.

Story: Ana Ramirez is a child barren poor woman living in Mexico. Desperate to secure money for her father's life-saving operation, she agrees to accompany Ciro across the US border to deliver a package. At a Texas motel, Ana meets Michael, a lonely orphaned boy hungry for her attention. Spiraling into desperation to return to her sick father, all of Ana's attempts to return are foiled by Michael, who steals her resources in an effort to survive, leaving her at odds with the boy. Despite an English-Spanish language barrier, it is only when Ana and Michael join forces do they realize how much they need each other. The stakes are then raised when Ana and Michael find themselves in the deadly path of Domingo and his dangerous drug cartel's search for the stolen TESORO diamond. Will Ana make it back to Mexico alive?

About: In the style of Slumdog Millionaire, Tesoro is a crime thriller intermingled with the heartfelt themes of love and family. Dealing with a smuggled diamond, the poverty and wealth of a Mexican border town and the conflicts inherent within family, TESORO puts the concept of “blood is thicker than water” to the test. Capitalizing on the popularity of gritty gangster movies while tapping into the enormous bilingual speaking Hispanic audience, Tesoro is poised to be as popular as El Mariachi, Desperado and Steven Soderbergh's Traffic.

Writer: Sandy Baumann
Director: Jon Keeyes


Action, Family

Logline: The Jaws fever of 1975 sets a badly-bullied school boy on a life-threatening quest to capture a Great White Shark.

Story: When a cruel twist of fate leaves a well-meaning family facing an uncertain future, a 'Jaws obsessed' young boy convinces a local fisherman and a disgraced cop to join him on the annual big fish hunt to help capture a Great White Shark. The desperate trio set out to win the prize money that will not only save the boy's family from ruin, but help right-the-wrongs inflicted on his fellow Shark Hunters by the local community. But what awaits them beneath the waves is something far more terrifying than any of them had ever expected.

About: In the spirit of Family Adventure movies like The Goonies and Billy Elliot, THE HUNT is a heart-warming story filled with action, adventure and family-friendly humor that is sure to win the hearts of both adults and children alike.

Writer: Carl Kirshner


Horror, Action

Logline: A ragtag group of survivors of a mysterious epidemic struggle to maintain their daily lives while dealing with their neighbors who have turned their sleepy Texas town into a land of the walking dead.

Story: Travis, the Sheriff of a small Texas town, is doing his best to maintain order after zombies have obliterated the local citizenry. Those who remain meet daily at the Los Cinco Santos diner for coffee and food to see who is still alive and who has been 'put down'. With inner strife amongst the survivors, old rivalries raised anew, and passions heated, sometimes the citizens are more trouble that the zombies. Unfortunately for them, they don't realize this is the last 24 hours of their lives.

About: Drawing on the continued success of the zombie genre, Surviving Them is a fast paced, action filled, sometimes funny and always horrifying genre thriller ripe with crisp dialogue, perverse characters and good ole' Texas horror grit.

Writer: Charles Burnley & Terry Yates
Director: Jon Keeyes

Horror, Action

Logline: A spoof on “Charlie’s Angels,” three sexy and dangerous devil chicks are sent to Earth to battle a white slavery ring while discovering their own sense of humanity.

Story: Rested up in Hell, Boswell and “The Boss” discover a white slavery ring on Earth being led by one of Hell’s own minions who escaped their clutches. Boswell sends The Devils Chicks to Earth along with Cabrone, a mask wearing powerhouse of muscle. Arriving on Earth, The Devil Chicks go after the white slavery ring in a tremendous show of guns, bullets, blood, mayhem – and a little of that ole Devil magic. As the stakes are raised, and the body count rises, the Devil Chicks must each deal with their own issues including one of them falling in love with a mortal man (the bane of their existence), one dealing with her love for Cabrone and the third facing a thousand year old vendetta.

About: An action-packed comedic spoof on “Charlie’s Angels,” The Devil Chicks is a fast and furious thriller filled with beautiful women, tremendous gun battles, tongue-in-cheek jokes, hellish violence and a couple of animated-sequences to boot. The Devil Chicks will be the kind of movie embraced by fans of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, along with lovers of the classic Devil Girl artwork.

Writer: Charles Burnley
Director: Jon Keeyes