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Founded in 2000 by Jon Keeyes and Richard T. Carey, Highland Myst Entertainment has been a successful feature film production company for seventeen years. Highland Myst Entertainment was founded upon three principles: the passion of filmmaking, the spirit of storytelling and the joy of entertainment. Highland Myst’s founders recognized that all long-term, successful production companies depend not only on a good movie but also upon the enthusiasm and loyalty of those working for the company. Together, Highland Myst set out to build a “family” environment of business-savvy and creative filmmakers and never looked back. With numerous completed feature films, several documentary co-productions, and many independent films in development, Highland Myst continues to use its relationships with domestic distributors and international sales agents to further its success as an indie production company working in action, thriller, horror, comedy, and drama.

Highland Myst’s team of successful producers and imaginative filmmakers has hands on business experience in front of and behind the camera. The following represents the key management team at Highland Myst Entertainment.



Jon has been a successful director, producer and screenwriter for more than 17 years. Among his credits are American Nightmare (director/writer), Suburban Nightmare (director/writer), Hallow’s End (director), Mad Bad (director), Phobia (director), Odd Man Out (co-producer), Living & Dying (director/writer) and Fall Down Dead (director).
Co-Founder of Highland Myst Entertainment, Richard Carey produced American Nightmare with Jon Keeyes. Released direct to video in 2001, American Nightmare was widely acclaimed by horror film critics.
Originally heralding from a theatrical background, Carl Kirshner graduated as a post-graduate student under the distinguished patronage of Peter O’Toole and Maggie Smith gaining a degree in dramatic art and graduating with honours and distinction.
Matthew Tompkin’s twenty-year career includes starring or co-starring in over 80 television productions, 40 feature films, 60 national commercials and 100 theatre plays.
Bringing the street wise knowledge of his own life and his father’s police career, Charles Burnley has spent his life steeped in literature and movies.
Bringing over 20 years of web development and design experience with her, Annette has worked with Highland Myst since the early 2000s.