Director : Thomas Dekker

Producer : Jordan Levine, Scott Levenson, Jon Keeyes

Cast : Rory Culkin, Lin Shaye, Britt Robertson, Nikki Reed, Daveigh Chase

Genre : Psychological Thriller

Release Date : 14 October 2016


Jack is an educated and well versed magazine editor living in Los Angeles. He is in his mid 20s, engaged and expecting his first child. Grappling with the natural release of his childhood and the promise of his forthcoming adulthood, he is hit hard by the news of his father’s death. In a violent and horrific car crash, his father has perished while his mother has survived. He returns to his hometown of Denver, Colorado to nurse his mother through her physical and emotional injuries. During his stay at home, he uncovers long buried secrets and lies within his family history, his parents, his friends and his very identity. Jack’s journey to the truth is fueled by madness, sexuality, hauntings and violence. For Jack, there truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.


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