Director : Jon Keeyes

Producer : Richard T. Carey, Jon Keeyes

Cast : Debbie Rochon, Brandy Little, Johnny Sneed, Chris Ryan, Brinke Stevens

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 29 January 2002


A Cult Hit for 15 Years!

A pirate radio show. A serial killer. Seven friends. Fear. Each are the elements of a deadly game of cat-and-mouse when a serial killer targets a group of friends and begins carrying out their worst fears.

Set on Halloween, the pirate radio show “American Nightmare” is broadcasting from dusk till dawn. In lavish form, the cynical and sadistic host has invited listeners to call in and share their worst fears while he commemorates the massacre of four college students from the year before.

At a local cafe, seven friends have gathered for dinner before heading out for an evening of Halloween merriment. With “American Nightmare” playing in the cafe, each takes a turn calling in with their fears. But unbeknownst to them, a killer is lurking nearby – a killer who has woven a horrifying trap to begin visiting each of their fears upon them.

But the killer has already begun her game . . .

“. . . dark and disturbing . . . a film that whips the rug out from under the viewer over and over again.”
Cinefantastique Magazine

“. . . superior slasher indie . . . eminently worthy of every fright-starved fans home video attention.”
Videoscope Magazine

“. . . a fine debut by a very promising director . . . Debbie Rochon may be, in fact, the first convincing female psycho.”
Joe Bob Briggs

“Genuine scares . . . top notch performances!”
Gauntlet Magazine

“Sharp, vicious and psychosexually cunning.”
Media Plus Magazine

“[Director] Jon Keeyes is a name that is soon to be known by all horror fans.”
Shade Magazine


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